Novatek firmware editing tools

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any bricked devices, dead SD Cards or anything else that might happen as a result of flashing firmwares you modified with this tools. Furthermore your warranty will be voided if you flash modified firmware!

NtkMPE · Novatek Movie Parameter editor

Description: Calculates the checksum and baseval for Novatek raw images as well as BCL compressed images
About this tool: It allows you to modify movie parameters like width, height, fps and bitrate for different modes without using a hex editor.
Usage: This tool only works with DECOMPRESSED firmware files. You need to decompress these first with bfc or a wrapper for bfc like DENOVA or ntkautomator. Warning: BFC and its wrappers currently only support single image firmwares. You can't unpack/repack multi-image firmwares with these tools, yet. (firmware is unpacked at this stage)
  1. File -> Load firmware
  2. Modify the parameters (Bitrate is half of the target bitrate. Example: Target bitrate of 20mbps requires an input of 10000 (kbps)
  3. Press "Apply modifications"
  4. (repack and validate using tools like ntkcalc/DENOVA/ntkautomator)

I ask you kindly to not mirror my files, refer to this page instead:
Download: NtkMPE.jar (1.1.2)

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