Ambarella A7 command line tools

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any bricked devices, dead SD Cards or anything else that might happen as a result of flashing firmwares you modified with this.

more tools are WIP.

a7_fwunpacker · A7 firmware unpacker

Description: Unpacks Ambarella A7 .bin/.elf/.e2b files into fw_header and partition_ID files
Usage: a7_fwunpacker <firmware file>
Download: a7_fwunpacker.exe (

a7_ptupdater · A7 partition updater

Description: Updates the header of a7_fwunpacker unpacked partition files
Usage: a7_ptupdater <partition file>
Download: a7_ptupdater.exe (

a7_ptsm · A7 partition split/merge

Description: Modes:
  -s: Splits specified partition_X file to header_X and payload_X at 0x100 to allow easier editing without partition header
  -m: Merges header_X and payload_X into specified partition_X.
Usage: a7_ptsm -s/-m <partition file>
Download: a7_ptsm.exe (

a7_fwpacker · A7 firmware packer

Description: Repacks fw_header and partition_ID files into a flashable update binary
Usage: a7_fwupdater <output file>
Download: a7_fwpacker.exe (

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