This is a collection page of my software projects for modifying firmware of camera chipsets like Ambarella A2/A5/A7 and Novatek NT966XX.

2024-04-07: Seems like Google has removed the site from their index due to some issue with the transition to str2b.dev domain. Working on a fix.
2023-09-18: Page has been moved to dc.str2b.dev (Sorry if any broken links show up. Will try to fix)
2022-11-18: This page is in archive mode. No further development planned at the moment.
2022-11-18: Added new DirectUSB version. Was about time I guess?! Get it here!
2018-08-08: Updated BnGui (new name: NtkTool), now uses latest binaries and supports multi partition merging
2018-08-06: Updated ntkcalc to support 2nd partition (eCos) checksum calculation
2018-08-06: Updated bfc4ntk to improve multi-partition binary support
2017-06-03: Released a wrapper gui application for bfc and ntkcalc BnGui
2017-05-26: BFC for Novatek has received another update which includes multi-image and PartComp support: Command line tools
2017-05-21: Released a software to modify Novatek movie parameters like bitrate: Novatek firmware tools
2017-05-17: BFC for Novatek has received an update to comply with alignment rules: Command line tools
2017-01-22: New project: Novatek R&D and reversing: Command line tools
2016-02-25: Added a new project: Ambarella command line tools
2015-01-22: A7Tool received some updates in the meantime and has been renamed to AFT (Ambarella Firmware Toolbox)
Older entries
2014-10-30: New 0803 firmwares (Procam 20140919 & 20140725) and a 0801 firmware (20140906) have been added!
2014-09-25: You always wanted to download DirectUSB but did not find a proper version? Get it here!
2014-09-25: New 0803 firmware (20140826) has been added!
2014-08-16: Added a strings.bin data format documentation
2014-08-14: Added new 0803 firmwares: All variants of 20140812 and re-added German 20140804 firmware
2014-08-13: You are from Germany and think dashcams should remain legal? Click here!
2014-08-03: Added a new page: Ambarella firmware section studies
2014-07-19: Added checksums to the 0803 firmwares. Press the information glyphicon to get a popover with the checksums.
2014-07-11: Added 0803 PCB images and UART Pinout pictures for 0801 and 0803
2014-07-10: Page controller has been rewritten! Now all urls are directory-like! Launch modal
2014-07-09: Added a new 0803 page: autoexec hacks - thanks to Konrad Iturbe
2014-07-09: Check out the Ambarella metering visualization page
2014-07-03: Added 20140611 all variants 0803 firmwares!
2014-07-03: Updated a few pages, removed RomKitchen project page (HTTP302 to A7tool)
2014-06-20: A7Tool v0.5 has been released! Visit the project page.
2014-06-15: Added a new 0803 firmware: First public internal memory version!
2014-06-03: New firmware download provider and new download script.
2014-05-26: Ads are gone for now.
2014-05-24: Added a second 0801 (newer) to the PCB images and redesigned the PCB page.
2014-05-23: Added a small firmware rating system. Upvote for reliable firmwares, downvote for unstable ones.
2014-05-21: Added three new 0801 firmwares
2014-05-13: Added the Ambarella Firmware version detector (FWVD) project page.
2014-05-05: For several reasons I changed the dashcam names to their number-names. (ex. Mini 0801 -> 0801)
2014-05-02: Fixed a download timeout issue.
2014-05-01: A7Tool is on its way A7 R&D thread
2014-04-29: Added two Mini0803 beta firmwares
2014-04-04: new device! Added Mini0803 firmware page
2014-03-28: Added Mini0801 20140312 firmware
2014-03-28: Released Ambarella RomKitchen v0.7 with strings.bin editor
2014-03-26: Working on a strings.bin modification app. More information here
2014-02-25: RomKitchen v0.5 is out!
2014-02-19: Added 20140116 firmware binary
2014-02-08: Added pictures from Mini0801's PCBs
2014-02-08: Added a "Support me" page
2014-02-04: RomKitchen v0.4.1 released!
2014-02-02: RomKitchen v0.3 released!
2014-01-27: New URL: http://dc.p-mc.eu
2014-01-27: Added the RomKitchen project
2014-01-16: Added new firmwares
2014-01-15: Added a tutorial
2014-01-10: Site went public

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